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ENDNGRD x Flawless Lotus Flower Tsurikawa - 11

$50.00 $55.00
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We have collaborated with Flawless to accessorize your car with our NEW custom Lotus Flower Tsurikawa. Hang these proudly from our custom ENDNGRD x Flawless Tsurikawa strap!

This design is very meaningful to us because of what the lotus flower, the semi colon, and the Yin & Yang symbol represent individually.

The Yin & Yang symbolizes balance. There is no light without darkness and therefore it cannot always be dark. In addition, it also represents duality; the idea that opposite characteristics can exist in harmony.

The semi colon symbolizes the continuation of someone's life. Just like an author would use a semi colon to pause a sentence rather than end it, a semi colon symbolizes someone's choice to continue their life rather than end it.

The lotus flower symbolizes a journey of perseverance through pain and darkness. May we keep our hearts and minds open for the beautiful blooming of our lives. A lotus flower blooms from murky water and is one of the most beautiful flowers to exist.

These are custom 1 of 1 pieces sporting various colors to suit your style!

*Actual Colors May Vary From Pictures Slightly*